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Intelligent multi-station full-automatic small material weighing system

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  Intelligent multi-station full-automatic small material weighing system

  System Overview:

  This system is a high-production efficiency, high-precision, fully automatic batching (powder, flake, granular) system developed by our company on the basis of absorbing the advantages of a variety of small material batching systems at home and abroad. It is mainly suitable for small powder batching in rubber mixing workshops in the rubber industry, and can meet the requirements of small batching for multiple mixers. At the same time, this system is also widely used in chemical, plastic, food, feed and other industries for a variety of high-precision batching of powder, flake and granular materials.

  Structural characteristics and working principle:

  This system consists of an unpacking bucket, a storage bucket, a feeding device, an electronic batching scale, an electronic scale for checking, an operation roller table, a transport roller table, a dust removal system and a control system. The operator puts the plastic bag on the batching basket (it can also be set and picked up automatically by the robot), and the batching basket runs automatically on the positioning and conveying roller table, the lifting and turning roller table, the electronic batching scale, and the check scale; when batching, each According to the requirements of the process formula, the batching basket will automatically run to the corresponding electronic batching scale for positioning, and the tare weight will be automatically deducted, and the feeding device will automatically add the material to the batching basket according to the preset formula; Run to the positioning roller table and wait for the material. The operator takes out the plastic bag with the material (it can also be set and taken automatically by the robot), puts a new plastic bag, and the system will automatically prepare to start a new cycle of work.

  System technical parameters:

  1. Variety of ingredients: 4-30

  2. Electronic scale range: 20, 40 kg

  3. Static accuracy of scale: ± 0.1% F.S

  4. Dynamic accuracy of the scale: ± 0.2% F.S

  5. Batching cycle: 300 ~ 400 / shift

  6. Exhaust gas emission standard: ≤ 8mg / m3

  7. System equipment noise: <80 dB

  8. Total power consumption: 30 ~ 50Kw / set

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