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Rubber production: functional reinforcement

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  At present, the most ideal replacement and partial replacement of general, high wear resistance, heat resistance, and the best material for reinforcing carbon black (the price is about 1/3 of the current standard carbon black, and the reinforcing performance is comparable to standard carbon black N550- It can partially replace N330, mainly because the filling amount is 1.5 times that of carbon black-at the same hardness, which greatly reduces the cost of rubber products), has the characteristics of amorphous, amorphous, microporous, etc., there is no requirement in color The products can be used as fillers for natural rubber, synthetic rubber, latex and plastic.



  Tires: Improve the tread's chipping and cracks, increase the explosion-proof performance of the tire, and make the surface of the extruded rubber smoother and stiffer.

  Natural rubber 50

  SBR 35

  Shun Ding 15

  Zinc oxide 5

  Sulfur 2.1

  Carbon black N220 25

  Carbon black N330 35

  Active silica 15

  Resin 5

  Softener 12

  Hard acid 1.8

  Antioxidants 4

  Accelerator 3.5

  It is no different from all the original carbon blacks in the wear resistance, fatigue, flexion and vulcanization process, and can replace 15-20% of the carbon black content to reduce cost!

  Hose: Good extrusion performance and good flow viscosity, which makes the product have a high density, good brightness, and good flexion performance. Excellent oil resistance, high temperature resistance and carbon black.

  Adhesive tape, conveyor belt, and rubber sheet: The density is improved, and the abrasion resistance of the rubber material will be better. The subject matter of silica is bound to improve the temperature resistance of the tape. Yield and elasticity are comparable to carbon black N500.

  Moulded miscellaneous parts: Because the particle size and oil absorption value of the product determine the compactness of his rubber compound, it has excellent adsorption to the accelerators of the moulded parts, and it is not easy to cause the ejection of rubber additives. Brightness has a good effect, often used instead of expensive imported silicon powder.

  Extruded products: It can improve the dimensional stability of the extrusion, the brightness of the surface, increase the degree of vulcanization, and reduce the pressure change to improve the elasticity.

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