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Rubber batching belt scale

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  Detailed Description

  RX series electronic belt scale, with dynamic cumulative error of less than ± 0.25%, is used in factory and process weighing to monitor production volume, control product loading and monitor product inventory, providing important information for modern management of enterprises.

  The RX series electronic belt scale is mainly composed of three parts: lever weighing bridge, RX900H speed sensor, RX2001 smart meter or RX401 totalizer. The load cell in the weighing bridge detects the weight of the material on the belt and sends it to the totalizer; the speed sensor detects the belt speed and sends the speed information to the totalizer. The totalizer processes the received speed and weight signals to obtain the cumulative amount and instantaneous flow of the material.

  The weighing bridge is equipped with four sets of supporting rollers on the double lever, using two pull-type sensors in the middle support, and the outer support using friction-free trunnion fulcrum. This closed device can prevent shock, moisture, corrosion and material accumulation. The problems caused by the use of knife-edge devices and bearing devices do not occur in the environment.

  矩 The main beam of the weighing bridge is made of rectangular steel tubes, which makes the entire weighing bridge have a sufficiently high rigidity and a small self-weight, and the surface ash accumulation area is the lowest. In order to ensure the stability of the entire system, a high-precision resistance strain gauge sensor is installed at the tensile portion to reduce non-linear errors.

  The weighing bridge can be directly installed in a variety of belt conveyor racks of different widths, located between the upper and lower belts, and does not take up space. It is an assembled whole in the factory, which can be quickly and easily installed and calibrated. The weighing bridge adapts to the belt width of 400-2000mm.


  1. No moving or worn parts, minimal maintenance;

  2. Anti-lateral force and horizontal component design, the impact of belt deviation and horizontal component is minimal;

  3. The overall deformation is less than 0.1mm;

  4. High-strength rectangular tube to maintain stable calibration and reduce material accumulation and zero drift.

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