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Auxiliary machine system for intelligent environment-friendly internal mixer

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  Flow chart of auxiliary machine system for intelligent environmental protection mixer (three-storey plant structure)


  Flow chart of auxiliary equipment system of intelligent environmental protection mixer (four-storey plant structure)

  System Overview:

  This system is our company's self-developed fully intelligent material (powder, rubber, liquid, etc.) transportation, storage, batching, and feeding system for the rubber industry based on the introduction of advanced technologies from Germany and Britain. 35L ~ 650L supporting various mixers of different specifications. It is mainly composed of carbon black (white material) weighing part, oil material weighing part, rubber material weighing part, dust removal system and rubber refining whole process control system. Among them, the whole process control system of rubber refining combines the latest information technology with production management and rubber refining technology, and integrates the entire process control of rubber refining production, production plan management, material management, and quality tracking management. Management level, improving product quality and maintaining product stability have played an important role. After years of continuous technological innovation and improvement, this system has been widely used in many rubber enterprises at home and abroad, and has been well received by customers.

  System main features:

  1. The whole process of rubber mixing is controlled, monitored and recorded, which can realize remote monitoring and after-sales support to improve management level.

  2. Optimize mixing by integrating operation and logic control of time, temperature, energy, speed, pressure and other parameters.

  3. High-resolution sensor and weighing display instrument are adopted, with high weighing accuracy.

  4. All key components are imported and joint venture brands, which are stable and reliable.

  5. Open man-machine interface, multi-area display and monitoring function during system operation, easy to operate.

  6. It adopts the field bus control method with strong expansion ability.

  7. Automatically detect the operating conditions, give an alarm location and prompt a solution when an abnormality occurs, which is convenient for maintenance and repair, and has safety chain protection measures to ensure safety.

  8. Optimize the design of dust removal and recycling system, which protects the environment and has no waste of raw materials.

  9, system design for different plant structures and processes, the program is flexible.

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