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Automatic weighing, feeding and crushing system for brake shoes and pads

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  System Overview:

  This system is developed by combining the advantages of the auxiliary machine system on the internal mixer with the fully automatic small powder system. It is mainly suitable for accurate batching in railway brake shoes, brake pads, friction materials, brake pads and other industries.

  System main features:

  This system has the characteristics of high accuracy, easy operation, advanced control, effective error prevention, high efficiency, good environment, low labor intensity, low failure rate, etc., and the system is stable and reliable.

  High weighing accuracy: The high-precision electronic scale in this batching system developed by our company is directly below the batching basket, and feeds directly into the batching basket. The displayed weights of the materials during weighing are the actual weight of the materials added to the batching basket. The weight values and errors of materials used for storage, printing and final use are actual values.

  Flexible layout and wide application range: According to user requirements, 4 to 30 kinds of materials can be completed. At the same time, it can be applied to raw materials with different physical and chemical properties.

  Advanced control: two-level control method, the control method is simple, intuitive, easy to operate, and open human-machine interface.

  Effective error prevention: The barcode identification system can be configured to effectively prevent feeding errors caused by human factors.

  Good operating environment: This system is equipped with a reasonable dust removal system, which greatly reduces dust flying and improves workers' operating environment and dust pollution to the environment.

  Reliable and durable: The complete system uses high-quality and durable standard components and raw materials, and uses advanced manufacturing processes and automatic control technology to achieve accurate measurement, no dust flying, and no leakage, ensuring stable and reliable system operation, safe and convenient operation, and the overall system The quality and comprehensive performance have reached the international advanced level, ensuring that the system can meet the technical requirements of customers' safe and efficient production for a long time.

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