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Agricultural film automatic batching system

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  system introduction:

  This system is a control system for automatic weighing and ingredients specially designed and developed according to the technological requirements of the agricultural film industry. This system has high weighing accuracy, fast speed, high degree of automatic control, dynamic display, convenient operation and labor saving. With less pollution, the system can automatically generate corresponding reports according to the production process, and can view and print at any time.

  In this system, the batching data will be collected in real time and transmitted to the computer to generate the corresponding production report. This report can be viewed or printed at any time according to actual needs. The running screen in the system is a dynamic screen that displays its batching process and weighing in real time. The value and the picture are clear and vivid. The automatic batching system is equipped with two places of monitoring according to actual needs. The equipment operation is monitored in real time. The automatic batching system uses international high-quality electrical components, which greatly improves the reliability of the system and effectively reduces the equipment during operation. The possibility of failures ensures the product quality and the good operation of the equipment.


  * The feeding process and the batching process are sealed throughout without dust pollution;

  * Fast weighing and feeding speed, high precision and strong controllability;

  * Weighing can use imported high-precision sensors, with high weighing accuracy and strong stability;

  * High-quality mixing machine is used for mixing, with fast mixing speed and uniform mixing;

  * Multiple temporary storage bins can be placed after mixing, which can be specified manually or automatically, convenient, fast and accurate;


  * 8, 10, 16, 20 kinds of raw materials warehouses can be set as required

  * Can be customized according to customer's special requirements.

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