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High-precision semi-automatic batching system

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  High-precision semi-automatic batching system

  System Overview:

  This system is a high-precision semi-automatic small powder batching system independently developed for the needs of trace high-precision batching. This system is suitable for the weighing of powdery, granular and flake materials with many types of materials, small amount of single materials, and high accuracy requirements. Compared with the original manual weighing, the most significant feature of this system is that it can eliminate the influence of human factors and stabilize the product quality. At the same time, the system can also record and print production reports, so that managers can count and query the production on the shop floor. Live.

  The main contents of this system include: electronic scales, storage hoppers, storage hopper driving devices, batching baskets, batching basket driving devices, feeding platforms and escalator fences, reclaiming spoons, dust removal systems, bar code error prevention systems, control systems, etc. It has the characteristics of "flexible layout, high reliability, low one-time investment, low use cost, high weighing accuracy, easy operation, maintenance-free, advanced control, effective error prevention, and environmental protection and practicality".

  System working principle:

  After the material is scanned by the barcode, the storage hopper that needs to be fed will automatically run to the feeding platform. After stopping, the automatic door opening mechanism will automatically open the feeding door, and then the material will be transported to the feeding platform through the material transport belt. Pack feeding. Before production starts, the operator puts a plastic bag on the batching basket, and then sends the formula to be produced through the management computer, and the system starts to run automatically. At this time, the storage hopper will automatically run to the operation position and stop according to the recipe-set process, and the operator will start batching. The batching basket then runs to the operating position in sequence, and the operator repeats the above batching process. During the batching process, the electronic scale will set the weighing value and allowable error value according to the process in the computer to determine whether the weighing is qualified. Only after the weighing is qualified, the batching basket will automatically transfer to the next station. After adding a material according to the process formula, the system storage hopper drive device starts to find the next storage hopper that needs ingredients and automatically runs it to the operation position, and then operates as described above. Until all the materials of the produced process formula are completed, the system will warn the operator to take the material.

  System technical parameters:

  1. Number of ingredients (ie, number of storage hoppers): 4-30

  2. Weighing range of electronic scale: 5-20 Kg

  3. Weighing accuracy; single material error: ± 1 g

  4. Weighing instrument display scale value: 1 g

  5. Continuous batching capacity: 120-200 bags / class

  6. Exhaust gas emission standard: ≤ 10mg / m3

  7. System equipment noise: <80 dB

  8. Installed power: 10-15 KW / set

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