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Material (carbon black, white material, etc.) pneumatic conveying system

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  System Overview:

  This system is mainly suitable for conveying powdery and granular materials such as carbon black, clay, zinc oxide, white carbon black, and rubber powder. It has the advantages of good environment, high degree of automation, convenient installation, flexible layout, high mixing ratio, large conveying capacity, long conveying distance, low conveying crushing rate, non-blocking, safe operation and high reliability.


  This system is mainly composed of air source processing, space bag unpacking device, pressure feed tank, two-position distributor, transmission pipeline and control system.

  Air source treatment: including pre-filter, gas-water separation device, non-thermal regeneration drying device, post-filter, and gas storage tank, which fully guarantees the gas quality of powder transportation to prevent clogging during transportation.

  Pressure feed tank: It is a pressure vessel mainly composed of feeding butterfly valve, discharging butterfly valve, fluidization valve, exhaust valve, pressure regulating valve, safety valve, stop valve, check valve, LAVAL nozzle, level gauge, pressure change Feeder and filter.

  Two-position distributor: compressed air pressure for driving P = 0.4 ~ 0.6MPa.

  Conveying pipeline: Powder conveying can adopt single-pipe conveying or double-pipe conveying. The conveyance of carbon black in the rubber industry is recommended by our company. The double pipe is composed of a main pipe and an auxiliary pipe. The main pipe is a 304 stainless steel pipe, and the auxiliary pipe is a stainless steel pipe or a galvanized pipe. The stainless steel pipe wall is equipped with a pneumatic nozzle, which contains filters, check valves and other components. The auxiliary pipe is equipped with a pneumatic shut-off valve and a pressure sensor to prevent pipe blocking. Double-pipe conveying is equipped with a compressed air companion pipe next to the main conveying pipe of the material, and a set of one-way air intake filtering device is installed between the main pipe and the companion pipe every 500 millimeters. After the start of conveying, the compressed air is filtered by one-way air intake. The device sprays into the main pipe and divides the solid-gas mixture in the pipeline into 500 mm sections, and each section of material creeps forward under the pressure difference.

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