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Brief Introduction to the Operation Method of Open Mill

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  1.Triangle package operation method

  Triangle bag operation method uses a smaller roll pitch (1-1.5mm) or a larger roll pitch (2-2.5mm). During operation, the rubber wrapped on the front roll is first cut transversely. As the roll rotates, the The left and right rubber materials are continuously folded into the middle into a triangle bag.

  Repeat until the specified number of times, so that the rubber between the rollers is continuously folded from the two sides to the middle, and then dispersed from the middle to the two sides for mixing, and then the roll distance (about 8mm) is enlarged, and the rolls and the lower sheet are covered. Triangle bag operation method is characterized by good dispersing effect of compounding agent, uniform rubber texture, but high labor intensity and poor operation performance.


  2. Thin-pass method

  The thin-pass method is to adjust the roller distance of the open mill to 1-1.2mm, let the rubber material pass through the roller gap, and let it fall into the receiving tray. After the rubber material has passed through the roller gap, the rubber material of the falling disk is reversed. Perform a thin pass again at 90 degrees, and repeat this process a predetermined number of times. Secondly, increase the roll distance (about 10mm) to allow the rubber to cover the roll and the lower sheet. This method is characterized by fast heat dissipation of the rubber, less scorch, and lower labor intensity, but the dispersion of the compounding agent is not easy to uniform, especially along the roll The axial dispersion of the cylinder is not easy to be uniform.

  3.Oblique knife method

  Cut the knife at a 75-degree oblique angle with the horizontal line of the roller on the roller of the mill, and roll it at a 15-degree oblique angle, cutting and rolling about 8 times, 4 times left and right. The roll distance is about 7-8mm. The characteristics of this method are that the compounding agent is dispersed more evenly, and the operation efficiency is high, but the disadvantage is that the labor intensity is large.

  4.Twisting operation method

  The twisting operation method is to cut the rubber material wrapped on the roller of the open mill horizontally and attach it to the front roller. As the roller rotates, the rubber material moves in a fan shape from right to left or left to right. Then put one side of the film into the mixer to mix it. The twisting operation method has low labor intensity and is suitable for mixing with large-sized open mills.

  5.Cutter operation method

  The cutter operation method is to cut the rubber material wrapped on the roller to the left and right until there is a certain width of the roller, and then turn the blade to 90 degrees to continue cutting the film, so that the rubber on the roller falls on the roller. In the receiving tray, when the glue accumulates on the roller is almost exhausted, the cutter is stopped, so that the rubber in the tray enters the space between the two rollers with the remaining tape on the roller, and moves the rubber to the left or right several times. Make the rubber mix evenly. The cutter operation method can also be equipped with an automatic cutter device instead of manual operation, but the mixing effect is not suitable enough, so it is generally not used alone, but other methods are used in combination.

  6.Rolling operation method

  There are two types of rolling methods. One is the oblique winding operation, and the other is the cross-rolling operation. The roll pitch is generally 7-9mm. The oblique winding operation is to obliquely roll from left to right. When eating fast, push the film to the right, and then roll it diagonally from right to left. Repeat this to make the mixture even.

  The horizontal rolling operation is to cut the roll of rubber and roll with the roller. When the rubber is accumulated and eaten quickly, twist the film 90 degrees into the roller, and then roll it again. Repeat until the mixing requirements are reached.

  The rolling method has better mixing effect, higher production efficiency, but higher labor intensity.

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