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Semi-automatic auxiliary material batching system

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  Product Features:

   1. Single or double-layer rotating turntable can be equipped according to different needs;

   2. Automatically locate the raw material barrel and the receiving barrel through the PLC program and formula requirements;

   3. Use the man-machine interface to set batches and edit recipes, which is easy to understand;

   4. It also has a manual operation function, which is generally used for maintenance and single action.

  Second, the operation process:

   1. Enter and save the recipe;

   2. Select the recipe, transfer the recipe to the PLC program, set the batch, and press the "Start" key, the required raw materials will automatically run to the reclaiming station;

   3. The operator takes the material according to the formula and weighs it on the weighing platform;

   4. After the feeding is completed, the system prompts the deviation or not. After confirming that the weight is correct, the next raw material storage barrel automatically runs to the workbench position and repeats the previous action until all the raw materials are weighed.

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